App design is not consistent across the board. It is a battle of the biggest, with Android and Apple’s iOS fighting for the top spot. Although this rivalry means keeping developers on their toes, it does help to drive progression and innovation in the industry.

The simple premise is that if you have an app developed for one platform, the other should quickly follow suit. By doing this, brands and businesses are giving themselves the chance to maximise their potential reach and satisfy a variety of customers who use either platform.

While we have stressed in previous posts that it is important to maintain a consistent brand image and aesthetic across all your online outlets, sometimes things just won’t work for one platform where they do for the other. Some differences mean a one-size-fits-all approach just simply will not work.

The Smartphone Market

Whereas iOS is specific to Apple, Android has seen a worldwide adoption due to its availability across a number of the world’s largest brands, including Amazon, Google, and Samsung. The increase in popularity of smartphones is also adding to this ever-increasing global spread of Android products. In fact, Android has around 71% of the market share worldwide, with iOS holding 21% and <1% to other operating systems.

Know Your Audience!

There is a distinct difference between those who use Android and those who use Apple’s iOS phones from the research. We’ve listed some of the key comparisons below:

  • The majority of Android users are aged 18-24 years old, whereas the majority (with 29%) of iOS users are over 35.
  • iPhone users are predominantly from developed countries, with a high amount of users in Western Europe. Android, on the other hand, have a high amount of users in developing countries.
  • Android devices are generally cheaper than iOS iPhones.
  • Apple iOS users are more likely to buy the newest versions, and keep up-to-date with the latest innovations. These early adopters are also more likely to make in-app purchases.

Our top tip… do your research before you commit to one or the other, or even both! Make sure you can work your idea well enough to fit their design styles. By speaking with your development team on how to make your idea work for both you’re guaranteed a better outcome.

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