Website fees. Do you negotiate on price? Are you prepared to haggle with potential customers?

Here at Pagio Digital, our face that launched a thousand GIFs, Daniel, shares his colourful opinions on setting price structures and why you should never negotiate.

Is the cost or fee negotiable when you’d like a website?

No. Are your specifications and requirements negotiable?

There are occasions when we do offer discounts. For example when we work with registered charities we offer a 20% discount. So if there are any charities out there, get in touch and see how we can help you.

Know Your Value:

If you give a discount it means 1 of 2 things:

  1. You’re overcharging in the first place
  2. You don’t value your time and skill set to deliver the product or services you offer or the income and profit it creates

A discount can create an impression that it will always be on the table.  So, the next time a client approaches you with a project the ‘discount expectation’ will still be there.

Here come’s another analogy!

If you went into McDonalds and asked for a Big Mac and they charge £4.29, you would never think to ask if that was negotiable. They are providing a clear price for a product.

If you only had £1.29 to spend you might be able to get a cheeseburger but the Big Mac wouldn’t be a viable option. Both for Ronald’s bottom line and for your cardio vascular issues!

The takeaway is that you get what you pay for. To reduce a website fee we would look at taking a few things out, potentially some of the features and functionality – but never the gherkin!

Don’t de-value your time

Don’t overcharge in the first place

Be confident that your quality of service is more than worthy of the website fees you’re charging

Make your choice. Will it be a Big Mac or will it be a cheese burger?